Data Backup/Recovery

Your data is the most important thing on your computer and in your IT infrastructure. Be it family photos, important tax documents, company files, important records, pieces of art, your band’s music, sensitive research papers, or anything else, losing it is simply not an option. Unfortunately, computers fail, and often. Having a data backup plan set before anything goes wrong is one of the most important tasks you will undertake as a responsible computer user and as a small business.

data recovery

We know data loss can be a very difficult experience. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your important files back:

  • No data, no charge policy you don’t pay us unless we recover your important data
  • Free evaluation once received
  • Recover all files that have ever been on HDD
  • Thousands of files recovered
  • Experienced recovery
  • Cloud backup solutions
  • Affordable backup and recovery services

We can help you back up your important personal or small business data (photos, records, videos, documents, school work, etc.) to disk and cloud with no hassles. Is your data being backed up? Is your data being backed up automatically? Is your data being backed up off site? Does your data backup offer file versioning, allowing you to restore from any given date or time? Have you ever tested your backup recovery process? What about your kids’ computers, mobile device information, and family archives?

Kingdom Computers of McDonough, GA  has seen too many systems and servers lose precious and valuable, unrecoverable data disappear due to theft or drive failure. We protect our customers with business-class data backup and recovery solutions. We can help you back up your data to a hard drive or the cloud on any schedule that you feel meets your needs. We will soon be offering offsite backups as well because it is important as a small business to have two forms of backup in place.

Our Data Recovery Process

Here at Kingdom Computers, we offer no-cost evaluations, and firm price quotes. We make sure that we have recovered your disk files before we require payment for our services.

  1. Submit a case and agree to our terms and services
  2. Coordinate to get your device into our office
  3. After recovery, make payment

*There will still be a $40 fee for time spent on recovery attempts and methodology time. Some devices are just too damaged and may need to be sent off to a specialist’s facility.

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