Malware/Virus Removal

Most malware virus programs are designed to be hard to remove. Malware often embeds itself in windows, hiding its files or modifying system files with its own code. This makes it very hard for the average user to remove; special utilities are often required which can unmask the virus allowing for its deletion. Through years of experience we can remove the infestation without destroying your data. Your data is important and with thousands of viruses removed under our belt, it is safe to say, that you can let us do the job of removing the infections through our Malware/Virus Removal service.

The number of computer viruses is increasing every year and thousands are created and released online every day. If your computer is running slowly, displaying popup ads or just acting strangely, you probably have some form of malware. Simply installing an antivirus program after the fact will not fix the problem because malware will prevent antivirus programs from removing it. We use specially developed in-house utilities to remove the infestation and get your computer running smoothly. With our experience and procedures, we can often remove malware without needing to perform a fresh installation of windows. This saves you from reinstalling all of your applications. Once the malware is removed and your computer is repaired, with your approval, we will install anti-malware software and schedule it to do a complete scan at your desired time to protect your computer from future infection.

How systems are infected
Malware can come from many sources including malicious banner ads, spam, infected websites, or free applications. Below is a link with a list of SOME of the fake antivirus programs that are used to hijack your system. This list continues to grow over time. These fake antivirus programs are frequently downloaded from ad banners claiming to remove nonexistent malware from your computer. Once downloaded it will often hijack the computer and force the user to enter their credit card information. It will also open a door for more attacks!


Malware/Virus Removal Services Includes
  • Removal of any virus, spyware, malware and rootkits
  • Repair any operating system issues and test for proper functionality
  • Perform critical system updates and security patches
  • Apply system modifications
  • Tips to help prevent future infections
  • Recommend antivirus solutions

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