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We can fix most desktop computers within a single visit. If your problem is software related, we may not even have to come to your home or business premises. Nine out of ten software issues can be fixed remotely, as long as you have the ability to connect to the internet. So if your hard drives making beeping sounds or your screen keeps freezing, let us know so we can coordinate to get your faulty machine in our hands. Our professional, qualified computer technicians will get you working again asap.

Computer Won't Turn On

One of the most scariest things that can happen to your MAC or Windows computer is its failure to turn on at all. You press the little power button and nothing happens. No beeps, clicks, clunks or whirs. Light on the monitor is on, but your computer is totally dead.
First of all dont panic! When people face that kind of problem, they tend to panic, and immediately think that all important data on their PC or MAC is gone. Most likely, your documents and pictures are safe, just not accessible at the moment. This computer problem points to one of the hardware components failing.

Noisy Computer

CPU or system fan buzzing? Hard-drive clicking? Fan constantly blowing and making a humming noise? Let us check it out and see exactly what the problem is and get a replacement part ordered and the faulty part replaced asap! Stop by and bring it in so we can get our eyes and ears on it.
We also give the option of having one of our engineers coming to your home or place of business to pick up your machine and bring it into our office. Make a phone call, get service setup and wait for the call of completion.

Computer Fails To Start

This can happen suddenly and without any visible cause. Sometimes your computer begins to load, but after some time stops responding during the startup process. This problem can be caused by a number of different factors.
Your computer can be trying to load windows from removable media. First of all check and remove any CDs/DVDs, USB flash drives or memory cards. Remove any digital cameras or external hard drives. Try to restart your computer. If it fails again, something else is causing the problem. If your desktop displays and error during start up, this is probably caused by a hardware configuration problem. Your motherboard, CPU, memory or graphic card may be developing a problem.

Computer Freezes And Restarts

It can be two kinds of problems causing computers to freeze and restart. First and foremost is a software problem (Windows or MAC). Viruses, Trojans, rogues and other malware can cause system instability. When a system detects a problem, it restarts to prevent future damage. These problems can be solved by cleaning unwanted programs and spyware, upgrading drivers or reinstalling the operating system. Our computer engineers can test if it’s a software problem and can repair your computer at your home or office.
Second and more serious is a hardware problem. Computer overheating is a probable cause for a computer freezing and restarting.
When your machine overheats, it gets unstable and sends a signal to restart. There ARE more hardware faults that can cause computer freezes. Faulty power supply, graphic card, bad RAM, processor or even hard drive can cause this kind of problem. Our PC technicians will try to test your computer at your site, or in our office because sometimes it requires more serious testing. We will take your faulty PC or MAC to our repair facility and it will be ready to be returned or picked up when it is in full working condition.

Computer Is Too Slow

My computer keeps running slow and when I start it up my desktop takes forever to load. What can it be? My computer runs slow, takes forever to start up or shut down and will even just shut itself off! …help!! What can I do to make my computer run faster if it is running slow it takes forever for the internet to come up? My computer runs really slow and sometimes I can’t even get into my mail and it takes forever to find sites? My computer takes forever to start, runs slow and keeps saying, warning unresponsive script.
Sounds familiar? Sounds like you need our team to do a full system diagnostic and an Advanced PC Tuneup. More than likely we can do the service remotely, but if it is TOO slow, we will need the system brought into our facility for service.
It is the biggest annoyance when you need to wait for your computer to crawling order to get through a simple task. Often this happens to older PCs but this can happen to new computers too. Just know that if it happens to you, we can be called upon.

Printer, Keyboard Or Mouse Doesn't Work

Problem with peripherals can happen suddenly. Yesterday your printer, mouse or keyboard was working fine; you turn your computer on today and…boom…no printer, mouse or keyboard at all. In most cases this problem can be caused by a driver issue. First of all try to connect your faulty hardware to another USB port. Sometimes this helps to repair minor faults.
In few cases problems can be with faulty hardware. If none of your peripherals connected through USB are not working, this is a probable motherboard fault. Schedule one of us to come onsite to investigate.

Screen Doesn't Show Anything

You turn on your desktop computer. You can hear it starting to work and windows starting to load, but your screen doesn’t show anything and no signal is found. This can happen for many reasons. If you moved your computer recently, please check all of your cables. They can be slightly loose and did not send proper signals. If all of the cables are ok, you should try to connect the monitor to another computer. Maybe your monitor is faulty?
Sometimes a screen shows nothing because of a faulty graphic card or other hardware. If the steps mentioned above did not solve your problem, you should contact us.
Our computer engineers can repair all screen related problems. We will test all cables, hardware and software issues and repair any problems found. You can book a repair engineer online or call us to get service setup. How much it will cost? Our qualified desktop repair technician will check your computer for faults and then will tell you exact quote for repairs. If you decide not to go through with the repair, you will only be paying the troubleshooting fee.

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