Hardware Upgrades/Software Installs

You want a faster system? Put faster parts in it. That’s the simple answer to a question that every PC owner asks from time to time. But replacement parts aren’t free, and cash-strapped computer enthusiasts know that the key is to put their money where it counts most.

Hardware Upgrades

hardware updates

Hardware upgrades can extend the life of your current computer. When you purchased your new computer system, it was the latest and greatest, but six months later there was already a computer better and faster on the market. We can help you keep up with rapidly changing technology by performing simple, low cost upgrades to your existing computer.
Call, text, or email us today to find out how a computer hardware upgrade can improve productivity, increase processing speed and keep you on the cutting edge of computer technology without purchasing a whole new desktop system.

  • RAM: Your computer uses RAM, random access memory, to perform functions and operations. More RAM allows your computer to perform more tasks simultaneously and run faster. You can boost performance by installing additional RAM or replacing the existing computer hardware with larger capacity memory sticks. RAM is easy to replace on a desktop, but you may have to check your user’s manual for instructions to add or remove RAM on a laptop.

  • Hard drive: Hard drives on most laptops and desktop computers are modular and can be easily swapped for a faster model with a larger memory capacity. With a larger hard drive, you can store more programs, music and photos. You can even install more than one hard drive in a desktop computer to expand storage or back up files.

  • Optical disc drive: Upgrading to a new DVD burner or a Blu-ray disc drive will give your computer new capabilities. An optical drive is easy to install, and you may even be able to install multiple drives on the same desktop, with one drive as the master drive and a second as a slave drive.

  • Processor: Your processor has a large impact on the speed and performance of your laptop or desktop computer. It’s located in the middle of the computer, and can be a difficult component to change for the non tech savvy individual. Before you choose a new processor, we would look up the manufacturer’s recommendation for upgrades before ordering the type of CPU that you need. Once it is in our possession, we will then proceed with the processor upgrade.

  • Video card: Graphics processing units, or video cards, are for computers that handle heavy image processing in video games and 3-D rendering software. A new video card can boost the graphics processing ability, allowing you to play the latest games or use your computer as a high-definition entertainment center with your HDTV.

    Our standard service offerings are delivered remotely and during normal business hours, saving you money. However, upon request, we can perform upgrade/update, migration or conversion services on-site at your organization. Additionally, we can deliver services outside of normal business hours, including weekends, after hours fees will be applied.

Software Installation

There are all kinds of software in the market for each and every one of your needs. Installation and setup can be stressful for those who aren’t techy. However, you no longer have to worry about the installation of the software you need.

Whatever project you’re working on from building web pages to building football stadiums you’re going to need the right sort of software to handle the job.
There are two types: System software is what runs and manages your computer, such as your operating system or file management utilities. Application software, popularly known as apps, refers to software that allows users to complete specific tasks.

Help Is Only A Phone Call Away!

  • Determine Computer Compatibility For The Install
    Some software works with some computers, but software programs are not necessarily universal. Our techs will determine if your computer is compatible with the software you are considering.
  • Install And Configure Software
    If the software and your computer are a match, we will install it for you. Settings will be configured to make it as easy as possible to use.
  • Perform Necessary Software Updates
    If your software was purchased in a store and came out of a box, it might well be out of date. Developers regularly release updates for their software, and packaged software probably will not be the latest version. Your Expert Techs will take care of that, downloading and installing the latest updates.
  • Create Required Shortcuts
    We will also create desktop, start menu, and quick launch shortcuts, making your new software easily accessible.

Before we abandon you to your new, exciting installed software program, we will make sure you know how to use it. Don’t worry.

Business Software Install

Businesses without their own IT department will benefit from Kingdom Computers worry free service. We can handle software requirements for any size business. Whether your business needs a few applications on one or two computers, or many apps installed in several places on multiple devices, we will make sure your business software is headache-free.
Home or business, large or small, simple or complicated, our worry-free service takes the guesswork out of software installation.

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