Network Cabling

network cabling

Meant to share this with yall the other day whole on this network cabling job…the absolute BEST tool I have used for cutting panduit. Sometimes panduit can be a pain getting the cuts right without the proper tools and it can waste alot of time on the job. I had been looking for a good tool for a lonnnnggggg time and seen some listed online for around 150-170 bucks. I seen that price and stuck to the lil snips I had and been using for years. Told my wife about it and how frustrating it was and that I seen how much they were going for and that I chose to stick with what I had been using. Lo and behold, we were in Home Depot one day and she goes “Look babe, maybe you can use these”. I was like “nahhh”, but then looked for a sec and said “yeh these might work”. Best thing out if it all, is that the tool was only 14 bucks! I couldnt pass it up. They are the Husky Rathchet Cutters, not official panduit cutters, but looked like it would fit the strips pretty good. Bought them that day, threw them in my bag and didn’t think about em. Sitting in the office one day and decided to pull them out and try them and Mannnnnn I was blown away!! These bad boys leave the straightest cuts and save alot of time when piecing the panduit together to make my runs. Thanks for the plug babe!! #datacabling #networkcable #cablerun #kingdomcomputers #awesomewife #panduitcutter #husky


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