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Talk about a pesky process lol! Some companies should really think twice about their design scheme. Had to take apart this entire laptop just to remove a bad hinge and back cover smh. Before starting the repair process I did some research on the issue and turns out, its a know issue for Lenovo and these Yoga model laptops. I actually used to like Lenovo back in the day, and was trusting of them because they used to be IBM. Took a liking to them when I used to do warranty hardware service calls back in the day. From my experience, those Lenovo laptops get slower after about a year or so, like noticeably slower, for no reason. No matter how many times you tune em up. Just my experience and my biased opinion. Anyways, the hinge and back cover were the culprit on this repair. In the video you can see me testing the LCD to make sure it isn’t damaged from the heat gun removal process. They use the two tape strip method to secure the LCD inside of the back cover instead of the screwed in side brackets. They DO have 3 screws at the bottom, but there really is no need for them based on the tape, but then again, I guess with the small bottom bezel, it doesn’t get that much support, so yeh, the 3 screws are necessary…overall, its a nice laptop, but I feel they could have done better with the design to keep away from the well known hinge/back cover issue and like I already mentioned, not as big fan of their laptop brand anymore sad to say:( Regardless, if you are looking for laptop repair in McDonough or surrounding areas…feel free to reach out!  #toeachhisown #lcdrepair #laptoprepair #computerrepair #kingdomcomputers

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