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Got a call that a company was hit with a few power outages and it blew a block of ports on a 48 port switch and they needed it replaced, configured, and everything put back in place so that they can continue to run their business. Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in that the ports that were affected by the storms were flickering erratically and there was nothing even plugged into the ports. It was around ports 39-46, all of those ports, making them unusable.

48 port switch

The rack itself had about a 1U of space in it, giving me room to install the new switch on top of the old one, but some of the cables were super tight in some places which was making it hard to just place it and switch over the cables. Not too mention, we had to configure Sonicwall on it and make sure we had all attempt to pull the configurations from the old switch over to the new switch, and even in that, the models of the switches were different so yeh, it was a challenge lol! But…Challenge accepted, and mission completed! Got em up and runnin’ and everything tested out A OK!

network support

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