Data Cabling

Had a challenging job the other day running data cable (4 dual drops) inside of a 100yr old multi floor house. There was existing cable, and it was ethernet cable, terminated to analog (2 pairs). In the basement, the cable was grey where it was connected to the 66 block, but all through the house at the faceplates, the color of the cable was blue. This was an indication that it was spliced together somewhere but it was hard to find. Attic access was near impossible where the new runs were wanted and it took a few hours just to tone, locate, and come up with a game plan. Winded up drilling through an old closet, and pulled from the main floor in a closet to make way for the connection to the network. Got to use one of my newer tools (The Magnepull), which Ive only used a few times on this journey of a job lol. How the house was constructed, once I made that hole in that closet, it must have come down through a beam, which was making it hard for my rod to come through on the main floor. I could hear the rod up above in the closet but could not reach it. The Magnepull located a chain I had went and connected to it and I was able to pull it to the hole and walla! On the second day, I brought in reinforcements in my brother in Christ, and we got the job completed! By the end of the day, everything tested well and successful and we were outta there! Praise God for intuition! #networkengineer #ITservice #networksupport #datacabling #kingdomcomputers #inGodwetrust #Jesusisalwaysthereason #persistanceandperserverance

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